Living with Sally
The MGB Roadster
I have been asked a few questions regarding Sally's name

Why call her Sally?

It's a longish, boring story but here it is...

I have already confessed to being a bit of a 'geek' as far as computers are concerned
I work with computers every day, I have a garage full of them running 24/7 so yes...
I confess again to being a computer geek!
A few years ago I started looking at putting a computer in my car (at the time a Mazda 4x4)
During my research for the right equipment and software I came across some speech recognition software
This software is designed to respond to a learned voice and perform actions (e.g open a program or start typing) in response to voice commands.
The software can even respond with a computer voice - Almost like having a conversation with your computer

One of the first things you need to do with this software is to teach it to recognize your voice and the commands you speak
It takes a couple of hours, reading to the program for it to learn your inflections and your accent.
Comming originally from Birmingham, it probably took the computer a bit longer to understand me than most people. :)

Once this is done you can play about with how the computer responds and the voice it uses.
Obviously, being a male I wanted my computer to speak to me with a warm, sexy, female voice

As the original software was installed on one of my 'Sony' laptops and I was trying to get the computer to describe itself - The computer was configured to say: "I am a sony laptop"
Unfortunately after a typo the computer seemed to say: "I am a SALLY laptop" and as I was looking for a name to use at the time it sort of stuck.

One of my original ideas for the MGB was to install this voice computer into the dashboard, so obviously, the car also became known as: 'Sally'

I did warn you that it was boring didn't I? :)