Living with Sally
The MGB Roadster
Maybe this should be subtitled: Wheels & Tyres, Exhaust, Suspension, Steering & Brakes

Started striping the wheel hubs, shocks and brakes from both sides - God what a nightmare!
EVERY bolt was seized up!
Had to buy a gas bottle welding kit so I could apply a little heat to free things off

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Cost was about £150.00 but worth every penny as I could not have done most of this without it.
Bolts that I couldn't free up with some heat got attacked with my grinder with a cutting disc

This is what Sally looks like at the moment:

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Started to get to grips with all the rust on the main crossmember and realised that I had no rubber on any of the bump-stops - Another thing for my shopping list (which seems to grow each day)

Managed to get a good deal on all the remaining suspension parts that I didn't have.
A company is setting a kit on eBay for £139.00:

This is exactly what you get :-

2 x AAA1326 Rear Wishbone Arms
1 x AHH5927 RH Front Wishbone Arm
1 x AHH5929 LH Front Wishbone Arm
2 x AHH5295 Wishbone Pans
6 x GHF103 Screws
6 x GHF332 Spring Washers
6 x GHF201 Nuts
8 x AHH7933 Wishbone Bushes
2 x AHH4003 Wishbone Pivots
8 x ACB5255 Pivot Retaining Bolts
8 x GHF333 Spring Washers
4 x GHF223 Nyloc Nuts
4 x GHF202 Plain Nuts
4 x AAA1330 Pivot Washers
4 x NL608041 Slotted Nuts
4 x GHF504 Split Pins
1 x AHH6343A R/H Drop Link
1 x AHH6344A L/H Front Drop Link
2 x 1G4349 Top Trunnion Bolts
2 x NL607041 Slotted Nuts
2 x GHF502 Split Pins
4 x 8G621Z Top Trunnion Bushes
2 x BHH1773K Lower Trunnion Kits
2 x Front Bumpstop Kits

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I have started to put some of the collection of parts that I have together!
After weeks of collecting parts that I can't fit due to the weather, it's good to finally get something done!

How far do I go?

I've come to the conclusion that if I strip every part, recondition, replace or even just paint, I will never get to drive Sally!
So I have decided to just paint what needs painting as I go along and replace what needs replacing at the same time
Sounds obvious really, but with every bolt seized, taking everything off will take forever!
A quick coat of paint on the anti-rollbar and the parts of the cross-member that I can get to without dropping it and I can get started on the rebuild.

The kit that I have bought comes with all new bolts and bushes so I can get started
(Although working out what goes where can sometimes be difficult!)

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The nearside (right-hand side) of Sally's suspension and brakes I made up on the bench and offered the assembly up to the car and connected it.
The problem with doing things this way is that the assembly is very heavy and difficult to fit
On the offside (left-hand side) I decided to actually build it on the car to see if this was easier

I'm glad I did!
Much easier!

I also discovered that the brake caliper I had been supplied with we not a matching pair
I had received two right calipers instead of a left and right
Luckily (although I bought the kit months ago) the vendor has agreed to exchange the 2nd right I have for a left
I will complete the left side next week (subject to my health)

In the meantime here are a few pictures of Sally's progress:

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