Living with Sally
The MGB Roadster
The current seatbelts in Sally are a little tired to say the least.
It looks like they have been through at least 2 resprays of the body!
They have blue and white overspray on them.
They are also mounted in such a way that they get trapped all the time.

So... another visit to my favourite auction site got me a pair of MGB specific seatbelts, with proper mounting brackets and a really smooth action (no matter what angle they are fitted)
The belts also have a special feeder system which stops the belts getting trapped when released.

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Update: 06/01/12
My wife has a problem with the seatbelts!
Not to put too fine a point on it but she is quite big 'up top'
The seatbelts being fitted behind the seats make things a bit tight across the chest and has a tendency to slip off the shoulder
I think I've found the answer:

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These seatbelt extenders should take the pressure off.
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These fittings should keep the seatbelt on the shoulder whilst helping with the 'lost seatbelt' syndrome where the belt falls under the seat
(Promo picture below which shows how they fit