Living with Sally
The MGB Roadster
The interior of the car has probably the thing that I have thought about more than anything else!
I must have changed my mind at least 6 times before settling on my preferred theme
(and things may change again if I don't like the look!)

There are a few things that I have based everything on:
  1. I want something nobody else has!
  2. It must be a bright, pleasant place to be
  3. I want as many 'mod cons' as possible
  4. I still want it to look vaguely like a 'classic'
  5. It needs to be comfortable for long distance cruising
  6. It needs to be 'thief proof'

There will inevitably be some crossover between this section and the electrics section when I write about the Hifi, dashboard and centre console as they obviously have some electrics involved :)
I will cover the actual construction and renovation of the dashboard and centre console in this section whilst concentrating on the actual workings in the electrical section

As I have not completed Sally's interior yet I can only show you what she looked like when I bought her:

Before After
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Once completed, I'll post some 'After' pictures