Living with Sally
The MGB Roadster
I have lots of ideas for this!
Not sure which one I will use yet.
I plan to have a little 'play' to see what looks right and includes everything I want

As standard, on the 1974 MGB, the centre console is made up of two separate pieces.
The front centre console that houses the cigarette lighter and additional switches and the centre armrest portion with a small enclosure underneath that also houses the gear lever and surround
Unfortunately, to make installation and production easier, there is a raised joint between the two - It looks naff and I hope to be able to get rid of it by joining the two parts together.
Hopefully I'll be able to do this and still fit the console easily.

Some of my thoughts...

I think I will probably cover this with black vinyl but have the actual internal panels in white.
The only thing I'm worried about is that too many colours (black, white & red) will make it look a bit naff!

I like the idea of interchangeable front panels with different things in
e.g. SatNav, Ipod, Bluetooth & phone cradle...
I think being able to 'unhook' these, drop them into the boot, and replace with a plain panel would be a good security feature

Looked at removing the original console from Sally today.
Not happy...
I hadn't noticed before but ALL the screws that hold the chrome (rusty) gear-stick gaiter ring have been chewed and rounded off!
I cannot remove them using my impact screw-driver so will need to go with something more drastic (angle grinder?) to get them out.
Also, the front part is badly cracked (almost falling apart) - the fixing under the arm rest is also broken.

Just received a new centre console & arm-rest.
After looking at what I had, I decided I might as well buy new ones as the old ones will need to be broken off to get my angle grinder in to remove the retaining ring & screws etc.

Click to enlarge

Ok.. examining the new console I thought that there was a problem with the quality of the moulding
Enlarge the picture below and you'll see what I mean

Click to enlarge

If you look at the two areas that I have circled you will see quite different angles!
After much cursing I was preparing to repack and return when I looked at my existing console...
EXACTLY the same!
What the hell are MG playing at?
I have never noticed before but this is how it's always been...

Now I have some rethinking to do.
Using a paper template for the panel I want to mount in the console I have decided this looks really crap!
Instead of a nice square panel, I have an odd-shaped panel that really doesn't look right.
I can't see how this is going to work without some serious reshaping with my Dremmel.

Click to enlarge

I'm going to have to cut along the red dotted line and 'flatten' the green lined area to try and get everything square and flat
This is quite a setback and a real shame.
I didn't want to cut the main body of the console as I have just bought the damned thing!
It will also need filling & repairing to form the correct shape
If I had realised that I would have to do this I would have worked on my old console and saved myself a small fortune buying a new one!

Ah well.. these things are sent to try us (and our bank accounts)

Ok... I've had another idea! :)
This should mean less cutting and no loss of rigidity
Click on the image below to see what I mean

Click to enlarge

By making the removable panel smaller, moving it up, and filling in the original holes before cutting new ones (for usb ports and heated seat switches) I can keep the shape of the console without it looking wrong (HOPEFULLY)
I'll make a mockup in card to see how it works.