Living with Sally
The MGB Roadster

I'm still thinking about the colour of the carpets for Sally.
If I go for black, then I will not need to wait for them to be made as everyone has them in stock.
If I go for white, then I will need to get them specially made and obviously this will incur greater cost.
I'm a little worried that if I go for white (my preferred option) there might be too much white inside the car and it will look naff..
I think I will probably leave it until the rest of the interior is decided and go from there.

My new red mats arrived today...
Not the best quality in the world but pretty!

Click to enlarge

The colour doesn't show that well with my cheap camera but it's actually a very bright red
(almost the same colour as the bodywork)

04 November 2011

Ordered my interior kit today which includes a full set of BLACK carpets (Mirrortrim couldn't supply white carpets as part of the kit so I decided to go for boring old black :))