Living with Sally
The MGB Roadster
"Runs like a dream..."
That's how the previous owner (PO) described the engine and to be honest, apart from needing petrol addative to run with unleaded petrol, there is very little for me to do here.

When the weather is better next year, I plan to strip the head and have it reconditioned and have the valve seats done for unleaded or replace it with an already reconditioned one.
I haven't even lifted the distributor cap to have a look :) I forgot to ask the PO if Sally had electronic points switching or not... I'll soon find out when the weather is better

The area around the engine (i.e. under the bonnet) is another story however!

It looks like it's been about 30 years since it was cleaned and will probably need a respray too.

I don't have any plans for major work on the engine which would necessitate its removal, so any work done to clean/paint under the bonnet will need to be done with the engine in situ

I will, of course need to work on the electrics under the bonnet as I want to fit additional fuses and relays so will need to think about repainting before too much other work is attempted
There is also the question of under-bonnet soundproofing felt... Sally doesn't have any so I need to buy and glue some on. I have seen a couple of reasonably priced kits on eBay so will probably go that way when I come to do it.