Living with Sally
The MGB Roadster
If the boot is locked and you need to quickly get something then it is a paid to have to turn off the ignition and unlock the boot
Most modern cars have an electric boot release and I wanted one for Sally

I used to own a SAAB 9-5 which had remote boot release buttons in the driver's and passenger's doors
I liked the buttons and the position so decided to copy both! :)
I managed to find two buttons on eBay from the same SAAB as I had and plan to use these

A while ago I bought a really cheap central locking kit from eBay and intend to use two of the four supplied motors in Sally's doors. This leaves me with two spare 'two-wire' switches that I can play with.
Two wire motors will either push or pull depending upton the polarity of the connections ...
Wire it one way it will pull - swap the wires over ( + and -) and it will push


With a 2nd hand spare lock to play with (another cheap eBay find) I set about making a prototype bracket to hold the motor/solenoid and devise some way to activate the lock
I drilled the lock actuator so I could connect a cable to be able to pull the lock open.
The advantage of doing things the way I have is that I can still use the existing key to open the lock should the remote release fail at any time
(e.g when the battery is flat or disconnected)
The way I have devised is to mount the motor in line with the boot lid and pass a cable over some sort over a pulley (a sleeved bolt?) to change the direction of the pull from horizontal to vertical

I didn't have much in the way of steel plate around to make my prototype bracket so cannibalized an old baking tray and got to work with my tin-snips

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I cut a piece from the tray then doubled it over to make it stronger
There are two unused holes in the bracket that holds the boot lock in place on the boot lid
I used these redundant holes to mount the bracket with pop-rivets as these rather blurry photos show

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After mounting the motor to this bracket
(Comes with a couple of self tapping screws so I just needed to drill the bracket in the appropriate places)
I mounted a couple of much smaller brackets to the first brackets to hold a horizontal bolt as a pivot/pulley

Searching for a suitable cable or something to actually pull the lock open, I settled on using a small cable tie which seems strong enough, and flexible enough, to do the job.
How long it lasts, only time will tell, but I will keep an eye on it.
Testing the action on a car battery the motor easily pulls against the spring to activate the lock
I'll see just how well it works when the weather is better and I can actually try it on Sally's boot lid
I already have plans to provide an additional 'ignition controlled' fuse block in the boot area so will tie a relay into this to be controlled by the aforementioned door switches

Here is the finished product (in prototype form)

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If everything works correctly then I will make a neater installation before permanently fixing it to the car