Living with Sally
The MGB Roadster
I have quite a lot on my 'todo' list
This seems to be increasing every time I think about the work I need to do to get Sally ready for next summer
(If we actually get a summer that is!)

In no particular order I have the following to look at and think about:

  • Make a plate to house FB1 (fuse block 1 - under bonnet)
  • Make a plate to house FB3 (fuse block 3 - inside boot)
  • Work out where I'm going to mount all the fuse blocks
  • Complete overdrive circuit
  • Test fit remote boot release
  • Work out what fuses are required for each circuit
  • Work out what circuits I'm going to fuse and where
  • Work out what will have relays and where to mount them
  • Make wiring looms - This one's a biggy!
  • Investigate best electronic ignition option
  • Fit boot leds
  • Fit various pin switches
  • Wire up remote boot release cables (door loom??)
  • Door courtesey/puddle lights
  • Central locking
  • Wire up USB power ports
  • Interior LEDs and door 'puddle' lights
  • New fuel pumps (x2) - one set as redundant - possibly switching between the two in case I have a problem
  • Need to replace BOTH rear lamp lenses as they have small chips out of them
  • EARTH EVERYTHING - I'm paranoid about dodgy earth connections :)
  • Wire up dashboard AUX sockets
  • Wire up Boot AUX sockets

  • Interior
  • Cover unused holes in dashboard - DONE
  • Move hole for choke cable - Decided to leave it where it was.
  • Cover dashboard in vinyl or leather - Covered in beautiful white vinyl - check out the interior pages
  • Repair centre console (cracked)
  • Join centre console to armrest (remove crappy seam)
  • Replace catch on armrest and repair
  • Fit USB ports to centre console (somewhere!)
  • Make plates for quick-release steering wheel
  • Order seat covers, foams & door panels etc
  • Order carpets
  • Fit carpets (underlay & sound proofing first??)
  • Fit door panels
  • Refubish seats & centre armrest
  • Recover door armrests
  • Fit AUX sockets to ends of dashboard - Done

  • UnderBody
  • Fit left-hand caliper
  • Bleed brakes
  • Look at rear brakes (not even taken a rear wheel off yet!)
  • White wall tyres? - test the look.
  • Fit new MiniLite wheels & tyres
  • Want to change brake pipes for copper

  • Bodywork
  • Underbonnet needs a respray!
  • Front wings are looking a bit ropey :(
  • Part of the rear valance needs repainting
  • Sort out 1/4 light hinges & bottom bracket
  • Fit insulation to underneath of the bonnet.

  • I have lots of loverly bits of kit waiting to be fitted!