Living with Sally
The MGB Roadster
Hopefully I will be able to tick off some of these as I go along, but I know I will be adding to it as I get different ideas or as I discover different requirements as I strip Sally.
Some of the stuff on here is more a case of: 'want' rather than: 'need' but hey!
It's a labour of love. :)

  • Relays for overdrive mod.
  • Electric window lifting kit from MGOC
  • New indicator/wiper switches from later model
  • Sony MP3 hifi
  • New fuel pump (x2?)
  • Main 12v Battery

  • Interior
  • Seat covers - (ordered)
  • Door cards etc - (ordered)
  • Carpets - (ordered)

  • Bodywork
  • Underbonnet felt pads
  • Front wings might need replacing!
  • Both 1/4 lights
  • Packaway hood frame
  • Packaway hood

  • UnderBody
  • Left-hand caliper (waiting for exchange part)
  • Copper brake pipes
  • Copper clutch pipe
  • Copper fuel lines