Living with Sally
The MGB Roadster

1 January 2012
Happy New Year!

I'm going to start the new year with pictures of some the goodies I have for Sally :)
(Click any picture to enlarge)
Some of these 'Santa & his helpers' have brought for me, and some I have been collecting ready for a big push in the new year when I hope to get Sally ready for some summer touring
Santa also brought me a nice new camera... so... the perfect excuse for me to try it out :)

As I get around to working with these parts, and creating other pages, these pictures will move and the headings will become links to the relevant pages.

Bright Red Driver & Passenger Mats
New Centre Consoles - To be covered and modified
Full Black Carpet Set - Picture to follow
White vinyl trim panels - Picture to follow

White Leather-faced Seat Covers
Click to enlarge

Heated Seat Elements
Click to enlarge

New seat foams for base and backrest

White Leather Head-rests

White leather Arm-rest & Gear-Lever Gaiter

Sony DSX-S100 ICE - with Ipod integration

Polished Stainless Steel door threshold covers

Minilite Alloy Wheels with MG Dust caps

I have realised that I'm going about this in the wrong manner!
If we get any decent weather early on this year it will be wasted!

My original plan was to get all my bits together, take Sally apart and do everything at once...
But... If I do that, and don't get the time to complete everything before the good weather, then I could miss out on some fine driving.

So... Change of plan!

Once the weather is a bit more reasonable I will complete Sally's brakes and suspension, put her wheels on and get her back on the ground.
This should leave her in a state where, although she will not be the prettiest, I can at least drive her if we have some nice days.

I'm going to try and complete Sally as a 'rolling restoration'

2 January 2012

I've had a new idea for the centre console problem!
By making the removable panel much smaller and only fitting it to the top 2/3 of the console I should remove the need to reshape everything at the bottom.
Check out the interior\console pages for a picture to see what I mean