Living with Sally
The MGB Roadster
Sally is a 1974 MGB Roadster, currently painted in 'Flame Red' (I think!) - one of the last of the chrome bumper models

Sally came to me in June 2011
Purchased from eBay in the UK for the princely sum of 3,900.00
This was the second MGB I had purchased from eBay - The first one I was unable to see before the close of auction and was bitterly disappointed to find was not as described.
The sale was not completed

Sally, however; was exactly as described!

A little rough around the edges but, I was assured she had a good heart.
Sally's bodywork was in good enough condition with a little bit of work that would be required at some time.
Sills & structure appeared to be good, mechanically - she was just a bit tired. Sally's interior smelled of damp old carpets and her dashboard was covered in a walnut veneer that was starting to delaminate.
She was fitted with original vinyl seats and door cards in quite poor condition.

Driving Sally home for the first time produced a seriously wide grin on my face
(even though there was a really scary moment trying to do an emergency stop with only the left-hand side brakes working!)

This website is called '' so obviously my plans for Sally would not be appreciated by anyone who insists on totally original 'concourse' specification.

If the thought of a modified MGB roadster make you feel ill then I suggest you stop reading now!

My plan for Sally is to make her into a usable, safe, reliable, week-end car which I can comfortably drive to the continent without worrying that she will fall apart and without feeling crippled when I get there.
I would like to retain the 'olde world 60s' feel of the car
This will not be a total restoration - I have neither the spare time nor the inclination for a full back to shell/bare metal rebuild
Sally will have to work for a living, albeit only occasionally.
I am not the kind of guy to polish the car every week-end when I should be driving her!
I will try and take pictures when I can, but I get moaned at by the navigator when the camera gets covered in oil!
Failing that, you'll just have to put up with my ramblings.

I will state right from the start that I am no mechanic - I have tinkered over the years with most of the cars I have owned and have picked up a bit as I went along
I cannot work in my single-car garage as it is full of junk; computers and my Suzuki GSX1400 FE motorcycle so all work must be completed on my drive.
I have a Haynes manual for the less obvious procedures and lot of guesswork for the rest.
I will try to keep a running total of the costs of all the parts I have bought/will buy - this will probably be the scariest part :

Sections to be covered by this website (as & when I get to them)

  •    Engine/gearbox
  •    Interior
  •    Wheels, Suspension & Steering and Brakes
  •    Bodywork
  •    Electrics
  •    Costs